3 Ways to Jump Start Your Fitness in 2019

It’s inevitable. After the gluttony of the holidays, you start to think about getting healthier again, shedding the eggnog and sugar cookie layer and relieving any pent-up stress through sweat.

But it’s cold outside! What options do we have in Oak Harbor? Well here are 3 really great ones but you only need 1!

#1 Thrive Fitness


  • Largest public gym on the island
  • 24 hours open membership option
  • childcare offered onsite M-Sat
  • variety of classes all day from 5:15am – 8pm
  • Great shower and locker facilities


  • Big and noisy (this might be a pro for some) but lacks the intimacy of some of the other options…

#2 UnSizeMe Hot Yoga


  • Duh! It’s winter and this is warm! Hot and warm options available.
  • Most instructors give you a short shoulder/head massage at the end. Divine!
  • Antimicrobial flooring!


  • Set schedule. You can’t just pop in whenever.
  • Lots of sweat (this is a pro for some) so bring a jacket for getting back to the car
  • Don’t plan on going back to work from this! Ha! You will be drenched, tired and relaxed. This is best at the end of your day or on the weekend.

#3 CrossFit Amethyst –  The first day is free so come try it out!


  • Andy + Katie! These awesome owners and coaches make you feel like family and are super supportive.
  • Build strength & stamina.
  • Use the motivation of working as a team to push yourself harder.


  • Set schedule of workouts, not just a drop-in.
  • No classes available between the 5am and 9am classes.

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