Renting in Oak Harbor or Coupeville

Sometimes it’s not the right time to buy a home. Finding a rental can be confusing and daunting here on Whidbey Island. I’m hoping this list of property management companies and searchable sites will help and my video offers some additional tips.

If and when you are ready to buy a home, I would be honored to help. Even if you’re just beginning to think about buying and want more concrete information about the process and how to best prepare I would be happy to sit down with you and explain, no obligation.

Have a great day!


Search Engine Sites:

(note: some of the local property management companies do not list their rentals on these search engines).

Zillow – The granddaddy of property searches but not necessarily comprehensive.

PadMapper – I really like their mapping tool!

Craigslist – Not a very narrow search engine and can be full of junk leads. There is always a diamond in the rough to be found, once in a while 😉

Local Property Management Sites:

Windermere Property Management (360) 675-3329

Koetje Property Management (360) 675-2271

Whidbey Homes For Rent (360) 675-6681

Oak Harbor Real Estate (360) 672-8800

Churchill & Associates (360) 675-0715

Cascade Property Services (360) 679-4600

Whidbey Residential Rentals (360) 675-9596

Tara Property Management (360) 675-9097

Acorn Property Management (360) 679-4585


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