How Staging Has Helped My Sellers Get Top Dollar

First impressions really do have an effect on people, whether they want to admit it or not. Why would you list your home for sale without trying everything possible to make that effect as positive and attractive as possible? Staging helps people see what is possible with rooms, gives them feelings of comfort and attracts them more to a home. Yes, it can be distracting, but if staging is done with taste and beauty this is a good distraction.

I feel passionate about offering as much value as possible to my clients and providing staging free of charge is just one of the ways I achieve that. Contact me to find out more about other unique services I offer my clients (360) 720-4271.

This manufactured home (above) received quite a facelift with some classy but simple staging.

Furniture arrangement is typically one of the biggest challenges with staging. Maximizing views, providing comfortable flow and positioning well for photos are just some of the considerations that go into staging.

Owner occupied homes can be the trickiest. Working with owners taste, style and most of their furniture we will arrange items to maximize visual impact sometimes swapping out furniture for items we have in stock that make rooms look bigger or provide cleaner lines.

For a free consultation on what you can do to get your home ready for market, please call (360) 720-4271.

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