How much rain does Whidbey get?

The “Banana Belt” of Whidbey Island is what locals call the area around Coupeville and Oak Harbor that receives 1/3 less rain per year than the rest of the Island and just about half of what Seattle gets. It can be snowing in Langley and be a beautiful sunny day in Coupeville. I’m not exaggerating, I know this from first hand experience. The radar image above shows how storms hitting the Olympic Mountains can create an eddy affect as they wrap around the steep mountains leaving the north central section of Whidbey unaffected.

Don’t get me wrong, there is still plenty of rain, between 20-30 inches, around Oak Harbor and Coupeville but if you’re someone who just needs a day or two of sunshine her and there during the winter to get you through but also loves to experience some seasonal weather (minus snow) then this is your place!

See the precipitation map below to get a better idea of the variety across the Islands.

AnacortesKristen Stavros - Windermere Real Estate

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