mussels-811759_1920Coupeville is the quintessential quaint little town on the water. It’s filled with mom and pop shops and lots of “hellos” from friendly passersby. Located on the south side of Penn Cove, Coupeville is an old farming town filled with rare Madrone trees, most famous for their peeling red bark, and gorgeous views of the many mountains surrounding the area. If you look out into the water, you will see the iconic Penn Cove Shellfish Farm, the oldest commercial mussel farm in North America, where the shellfish are sustainably grown and harvested.

rain shadow

Coupeville is positioned in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains, which gives it more sunny days than the average Pacific Northwest town. Go kayaking, watch the orca whales play, see the bald eagles soar above, or enjoy a stroll along the waterfront. Located in the heart of Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve, Coupeville has so much to offer. With its sweeping views of prairie lands, farms, and mountains, this town will keep any lover of history, nature, or art thoroughly amused.

To share my love of Coupeville, I created a video series of my 10 favorite places in town. To see all the videos in the series, head on over here to my youtube page, and get to know this wonderful town a little bit better.

An exception to the mom and pop shop rule in Coupeville, there is a great store located in an old fire station run by 3 sisters. They have gifts, good food (all locally grown or made), good meat, fresh veggies, delicious pies, and the best ice cream bars on the island! Go see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Coupeville School District – 360-678-2400

ferry-1956735_1920Located on central Whidbey Island and connected to the mainland by two ferries and Deception Pass Bridge, the Coupeville School District presents a well-rounded, small school experience for students and families.

The elementary school and combined middle and high school are within the Town of Coupeville – the county seat for Island County and one of the oldest towns in Washington state. Is this the right neighborhood for you? Read my blog post for more info on buying or renting in Coupeville.

There is something very special about Coupeville. Come see for yourself why this little town on the water has enchanted us all.

pot of gold rainbow on Penn Cove

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